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A "hypnotic" political thriller... with an epic courtroom showdown.  


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Journalist, author, poet
        ISBN-13: 978-1517190316 



Movie Book Trailer - The Conspiracy of Silence

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The conscience of a town steeped in sexism, vanity and hypocrisy is pricked by the brutal murder of a mysterious woman in a park in Los Angeles. But the shock is transformed into a steamy, seductive scandal when the body turns out to be that of Susan Whitaker, the flamboyant wife of the governor of California. Soon, a dazzlingly intricate shuffle of volatile links leads the police to the delicate theory of secret lover/blackmailer, and to the indictment of Benjamin Carlton, Hollywood's most influential black celebrity.


Then curious things begin to happen when Carlton's ambitious girlfriend, Rita Spencer suddenly unearths the shocking secret that Susan Whitaker did not, in fact, exist. She little realizes however that her discovery of this colossal fraud is a mere curtain raiser to a chilling world of ugly skeletons dating back to the assassination of a U.S. senator in a Washington hotel sauna, skeletons connected to riveting sex scandals in high places, skeletons the FBI and political kingmakers will kill for...


                                             THE CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE

        This firecracker-female is a force of nature who can drive her powerful enemies to their knees. She's smart, she's brave. She's sexy as hell. Sam's tale of the mob's tenacious grip on American politics is bared in some of the best courtroom scenes ever written.

Acclaim for the book 

- Hogwash Blog

 Augustine Sam has crafted a phenomenal piece    of work  in The Conspiracy of Silence.

  An engaging and exciting cliffhanger ... The

  Conspiracy of Silence is a real page turner.

  First, I must say for the record that I was blown 

  away by the talent displayed in this book ... 

 With exquisite and impeccable writing skills, Sam 

  offers readers a scandalous tale as extravagant as 

  the O. J. Simpson case ...

 This is definitely one wild ride from start to finish ...

 - TFLReader (Top 500 Reviewer)

     - Tracy Edingfield

        Lawyer | Author of "The Law Firm of Psycho & Satan"


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