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Journalist, author, poet

An intellectual and emotional 

look into a broken mind. 

- Readers'  Favorite

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 Take Back the Memory
ISBN-13: 978-1612359861

What would you do if you found out that the man you married is not who you thought he was? What would you do if you suddenly discovered that you have indeed had the one thing you had yearned for all your life without realizing it?


Now, imagine a woman transformed from psychiatrist to patient and lured into a compelling backward journey through her own life on a psychotherapist's couch. Imagine skeletons from the past pulling her back into the vortex of darkness from which she thought she had escaped. Here's the saga of Paige Lyman, a woman conned by fate, and plagued by damning memories that she must decipher in order to be free. 

Take Back the Memory is a psychological exposé on love, betrayal, vengeance, and a heart-wrenching secret.

"Augustine Sam has a great deal of talent in building up a suspenseful story before an excellent resolution. I would be thrilled to read more from him, and Take Back the Memory certainly will appeal to romance, suspense, mystery, and women's fiction readers."


Katelyn Hensel 

Readers'  Favorite

"Augustine Sam's poetic background is evident in the manner in which he approaches prose - words so eloquently phrased that each page gives the reader the sense that resetting the words would create one of his unique poems." 


Grady Harp 

Top 100 Reviewer - Hall of Fame - Vine Voice

"This book is well written. The plot-line is easy to follow and the characters are well developed. While there are parts of the story that are sad and/or troubling, there is also happiness within. I loved the surprising twist at the end."


Stephanie Lasley 

The Kindle Book Review

"What makes this erotically charged tale an outstanding debut is readers can actually feel the protagonist leaping off the page and sitting in their living rooms describing the messy complications of her life. In addition, Sam's superb storytelling talent runs the spectrum from crafting a candid psychological exposé with tantalizing illicit sex scenes to a grim depiction of a scorned troubled woman who has suffered from long-term hurt. Another plus about this novel which makes it a pleasure to read is the ease, fluidity, the economy, and tight structure, as well as the precision of Sam's prose which has a deft accuracy in its tone and execution. I would surmise that his outstanding poetic skills had a great deal to do with his ability to effortlessly spin quite a yarn."  


Norm Goldman 

Amazon VineVoice

Publisher of Book Pleasures

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