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Lips & Wits

 Quotes from Augustine Sam

“There's no point telling your dreams to someone who has no vision.”

~ Augustine Sam 

Augustine Sam

“Change is like a magic wand. It's the carrot that the One  Percent dangles before the 99 Percent to maintain the status quo.”

“A woman has no age, she has personality. A woman has no race, she has substance.”

For a story to be truly enjoyed, it must first be understood 

"Some people prefer to make a mountain out of a molehill... I'd rather make a molehill out of every mountain."


                            (c) Take Back the Memory

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“Poetry is perhaps the only form of communication that separates arcane emotions from basic thoughts.”


“Not everything that goes through the mind ought to end up as

a book. A written work should have a keen aesthetic sense. It should be distinguished as a literary culture

of value.”

“A novel, even one that details

a personal story must possess elements

of finesse both in tone and language that distinguish it from a dreary 

yarn in a bar.”

"The great irony of politics is that change from the status quo often winds up, inevitably, as the status quo." 
A gif representation of the Human Code

"If you do not say 'here I am,' no one will say, 'Oh, there you are'!"


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