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“Author, poet, journalist Augustine Sam lives in Venice, Italy—that most romantic of all cities—and offers his prose and poetry for romantics and those looking for meaning in the many challenges life offers.


Augustine’s poems glow with musical invention and the manner in which he elects to place his words on the page enhances the meaning and the beauty of these works.


Poet and storyteller blend seamlessly in a drama that explores the human psyche and that thin line between living and experiencing life.”



- Grady Harp

Amazon Vine Voice | Hall of Fame



I would surmise that Augustine Sam's outstanding poetic skills had a great deal to do with  his ability to effortlessly spin quite a yarn.

Norm Goldman, 

Montreal Books Examiner                                 


 Sam's style may take a bit of getting used to, but that voice produced several favorites in my notes. 5-stars it is and extremely recommended

Jim Bennett, 

Kindle Book Review                                           

Journalist, author, poet


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